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We work on projects as a transversal axis in all areas of development, where we promote usefulness of knowledge, fun activities integrated into the curriculum and individual and team learning. The extracurricular day begins from 12:30 – 1:00 p.m. lunch time and from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. the next activities.

actividades musicales en el jardín

Through this extracurricular activity children discover the importance of English proficiency for the future. At the same time, it allows them to worry about the level they reach from an early age and also to set second language learning as one of their educational priorities. Through fun activities learning is made easy, as it is a method compatible with the brain.

Playful and multi-motor pre-sport activity, which tends to explore, discover and strengthen basic motor skills, socio-affective and emotional volitional skills. The above determines an integral development of the boy or girl in the initiation stages, bringing them closer to the basic technique of soccer, its regulation and structure of play, starting from this sport as a means for fun, enjoyment and meaningful learning.

During the class, playful activities are carried out to learn and understand musical concepts that are the basis for future interpretation of melodic instruments such as the flute or xylophone, and harmonics such as the guitar or the organ band.

Within the musical concepts, we find the qualities of the sound (strong, soft, slow, fast, low, sharp), the musical notes, the musical figures (quarter note, eighth notes, white, silence of quarter note and silence of quarter note), the rhythm (pulse, accent) using percussion instruments (drum, bongoes, Chinese box, harpsichord, tambourine, maracas).

They begin to interpret the chime, which is an octave metallophone, since it is a simple instrument, suitable for the age of children, which helps to develop musical ear, coordination and concentration, in addition to applying the musical concepts learned. . Most importantly: children have fun while learning.

In addition to the aforementioned, body expression is worked, through stories with different characters that allow the development of their creativity, puppets that children move are also used, with classical music in the background.

It is an innovative psychomotor development program for children from 2 to 6 years old that uses the VAK method (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) with music in English, images and stories of tigers and bears guaranteeing the learning and fun of children. These programs, in addition to being fun for children, have many benefits.

Works concentration, accelerates the learning process, improves coordination and motor skills, improves confidence and self-esteem, works and strengthens following instructions, develops and strengthens communication skills and teamwork, introduces the concept of fair play and fellowship.

It can also be played in any open or closed space. The program provides all the necessary material for the realization of the class.

Storytelling to children has always been a habit that has been passed down from generation to generation. It is a moment in which we transport ourselves to other spaces where we enjoy adventure, magic, fun and a lot of imagination.

Reading stories is important because it has great benefits such as: fostering in our children a love of books, being analytical and reflective, making their brains work faster, listening carefully, developing language skills and finding a message in each story that will serve us for a lifetime.

This is why story time in our garden is such a relevant space. It offers many more possibilities achieving comprehensive development, healthy and fun habits; likewise, it allows us to exchange experiences, stories and discover a world full of fantasy, smiles and great learning.

Taekwondo allows to develop to the maximum all the own capacities of the body: strength, elasticity, resistance, integration, adaptation, as well as a harmonic and functional development of all its organism. Spiritually, this sport teaches its participants that it is necessary to persevere with the designed objectives, in addition to instilling values ​​of education and fellowship. Children learn to respect both the coach and their peers.

Our art and masses class is a space where the child learns to express himself through different elements and tools, thus externalizing his inner world. Creativity and imagination play an important role in development.

Each can create their own play doughs and doughs, most with edible ingredients, in an ingenious and transformative way. It helps them experiment, developing their intelligence, and it also opens their minds to a world full of color.

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